Air Hacksaws For Professionals Cengar & Spitznas


Air Hacksaws For Professionals

Pneumatic hacksaws are useful when materials need to be cut in hazardous areas such as oil & gas refineries, chemical factories or oil rigs as well as dusty and wet environments where electric tools are not reliable enough.

Air hacksaws are also valuable tools in production environments such as pallet repair, shipbuilding or fiberglass workshops, because with cares, they will last longer than electric tools.

We import the Cengar and Spitznas pneumatic hacksaws. The Cengar range includes 5 piston motor saws for cutting upto 300mm pipes. The Spitznas range includes a high powered air sabre saw for freehand cutting as well as a large pneumatic reciprocating saw for cutting upto 530mm diameter pipes.

> Cengar Air Hacksaws:
Made in England, Four saws for thin materials up to 300mm diameter pipes

> Spitznas Pneumatic Hacksaws:
MAde in Germany, Two Saws for cutting up to 530mm diameter pipes

  • Cengar and Spitznas Air Hacksaws are widely used on offshore oil and gas rigs because of their unmatched reliability.
  • All Cengar pneumatic hacksaws have piston motors, which have only a few moving parts and therefore offer superior reliability than vane motors, or electric motors.

  • Cengar pneumatic hacksaws have been available in Australia for 20 years.
  • All hacksaws, blades and spares are normally Ex stock, Sydney.
  • Resellers in all states & territories

  • All Cengar and Spitznas air hacksaws are ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas. This means that an independent certifying body has already done a risk assessment according to European guidelines.
  • Cengar and Spitznas publish the vibration and noise levels of all their saws so that you know what you are getting. Long exposure to high noise or vibration levels can be dangerous, and is a leading cause of new compensation claims in the UK.

  • Cengar patented the piston motor air hacksaw 50 years ago.Since then it has been copied, but Cengar are continually improving their tools and none of the copies come close to Cengar in terms of ergonomics, reliability and performance.
  • Spitznas Saws are manufactured in Germany and are widely used in the toughest environments around the world. Spitznas saws are so good they are sold around the world under various well known brand names.